Caring For Your Removable Appliance

 1. Continue to brush your natural teeth and gums as usual.

 2. Rinse your appliance under warm running water to remove any food particles after eating as needed and before bedtime.

 3. (Optional): Gently brush your appliance with a soft denture brush using water only. Rinse again.

 4. Keep your appliance in water preferably when you are not wearing it for long periods of time.

 5. Soiled appliances can be cleaned using denture cleaner or tablets available at your local supermarket, drug store, online and etc.

 6. ❌ DO NOT use bleach, toothpaste, or similar cleaning products, these may scratch or discolor the surface of your appliance.

 7. ❌ DO NOT bite on hard foods or items such as ice cubes, bones, shells, pits, popcorn kernels, hard candy and etc.

 8. Remove your appliance(s) when eating if necessary.